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Bonsai Studio is an innovative and dynamically growing production company that ensures the highest organizational, visual and substantive quality of its projects.

But who are the real people behind the cameras and in the editing suits?

We are a group of creative and highly qualified people in filmmaking, marketing and design – professionals, but most importantly, passionate film lovers. Nice to meet you! Each project is a new challenge, to which we collaborate with our proven camera operators, sound engineers, lighting makers, and make-up artists. However, the core of Bonsai Studio Film Production is its founder – Ewelina Kołakowska.

Video is a potent tool for telling stories. Moving images are far superior than words and pictures. Using this power and combining best practices with a customer-oriented approach, we deliver exceptional results.

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Promotional videos

It’s dedicated both to artists as well as businessmen who have their products or services to offer! We always try to make the process of filmmaking run for you gently, neatly, and in a creative atmosphere.

Event Industry

Our specialty is Event Industry, from concert to various conferences, we deliver high-quality visuals that meet client and event requirements. Maintaining a strong attention to detail all with creative mindset with a passion.

Shorts for Your Social Media

Shorts, or short videos on social media, are key for engaging today’s fast-paced audiences. Through them we offer a quick, compelling way to convey messages and connect with viewers, making them an essential tool for digital storytelling and audience engagement.

Personal projects

We also have our own production projects, which we order as well as co-produce.

Promotional Videos

We are prepared to implement film projects from a bare concept, through the preparation of script, choice of appropriate equipment and shooting, to the editing and completion of the film. We always try to make the process of filmmaking run for you gently, neatly and in a creative atmosphere.
1. Research

The whole production of the film is preceded by a meeting during which a sketch of the film is prepared. This means time for interesting ideas, discussions and working out the topic. This stage ends with a local vision, in places of impending production.

2. Preparation of the Script

Once the idea of ​​the film crystallises, we know who is featured, what to say, and where and how we should take up the topic. It’s then time to compose a script and an accurate storyboard. At this point the text and the musical backgrounds are selected. All this ensures that the work is well-planned and that the ultimate effect lives up to expectations.

3. Deadlines

At this stage, we set delivery dates. Thanks to this, we know when and where we shoot. This is also the time to carefully prepare for the production process. As every project is different, we try to troubleshoot in advance.

4. Production

Let’s get to work! When we’re on the set, everything has to work like clockwork. We balance the stabilizer, the make-up artist powders the spoken people, and the sounder adjusts the pole. The number of shooting days depends on the complexity of the script- usually 2-3 days.

5. Post-production

After the shooting, the footage goes to our editing suite, where it goes through several stages in the filmmaking process – editing, color correction, applying graphic elements and animations. Simultaneously, in the recording studio, there are voice-over paths. We also purchase music licenses from global banks.

6. Delivery of the film

The last stage is handing over the finished film to our client. Once everything has been accepted, we prepare the appropriate film formats, according to your need. Internet, trade show rooms, exhibition screens, DVD – now the effects of our work will work in your favor!

event industry

In the Event Industry, our expertise lies in capturing and delivering high-quality visuals that cater to a diverse range of events, from dynamic concerts to multifaceted conferences.

We meticulously tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of both clients and the events themselves. Our approach is characterized by a keen attention to detail, ensuring that every visual element aligns seamlessly with the specific objectives and themes of the event. Coupled with a creative mindset and a genuine passion for the industry, we strive to exceed expectations, creating immersive and visually stunning experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Short for your social media

It’s all about taking viewers on a journey. Appealing, beautiful landscapes or hero shots are inseparably part of the projects, but ultimately they always serve to convey a message.

We craft a well-paced story that is engaging, inspiring and ultimately memorable. We want things to get to a point, so that the audience reflects on the concept portrayed or stands in someone else’s shoes.

If you have an interesting story that you’d like to share with others, we can help you express it in an unconventional yet powerful way.

We will make sure to get the shot that no one else is willing to get, and we are always eager to go the extra mile in order to get better results.

If there’s a way to do it better- we will find it!

Want to see more amazing works?

The cameras and gear we work with are of the highest quality.

Mostly, we use:

Embracing the art of storytelling through a lens, I am thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to my creative toolkit— the Panasonic Lumix GH5 with all the necessary lenses. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional capabilities, this camera allows me to capture moments with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Accompanied by

  • The latest lighting gear from Rotolight Advanced LED Lighting and Aputure.
  • Sliders, small jibs, and motion control using the Foton Varanus II
  • Professional three-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer creating an incredible cinematic movement
  • High quality audio recording gear such as RØDE mics or the Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder are also available for productions.

Co-operating with Bonsai Studio is always an inspiring experience. I learn a lot and make lifelong friendships. It is a professional team with countless creative ideas and solutions resulting in high-end production videos. Worth recommending! Go Bonsai Studio!

Edoardo Pasquini- Videographer

Delivering excellent service but far more important Bonsai Studio is the experience; created by professionals who share good energy and passion for film! They will make sure you feel like a part of the family. Highly recommended company to work with!

Magdalena Mazur - actress

As a client, I am pleasantly surprised by the process and the effect of the work. I was particularly impressed by the dedication of a huge amount of time to precise and thoughtful film editing. I am glad that I decided to use the services of Bonsai Studio and I strongly recommend it.

Salix Alma - Customer

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